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Our Comapny

Capital Trust Realty specializes in financial and realty consulting services. Capital Trust Realty is a global leader in
delivering innovative investment management, asset and fund administration, fiduciary and banking solutions to
corporations, institutions and affluent individuals. We manage private equity funds for institutions and accredited
individuals by providing investment loans and JV Partnerships for supporting viable projects worldwide, primarily in
real estate and general construction industries.


Our professionals are some of the world’s most experienced leaders drawn from the following ranks:

- Intellectual property specialists
- Banking and securities professionals
- Construction specialists
- Real estate professionals

Understanding what you care about allows us to create an action plan that will help you achieve your financial goals. Capital Trust Realty provides a range of asset servicing capabilities including master record-keeping, income collection,
dividend payment and trade settlement across the broad spectrum of financial assets. Clients benefit from efficient
processing, attentive service and consolidated information management at Capital Trust Realty.

With multiple asset managers, asset classes and partnerships, managing and controlling the financial information of a prosperous family can be arduous, resource heavy and very time-consuming. Working with a global asset servicing provider like Capital Trust Realty, gives you greater control and security, as well as comprehensive, consolidated reporting of all assets. Selecting Capital Trust Realty provides not only a worldwide reach — but also servicing of all asset classes, and unmatched aggregation and reporting capabilities for assets held by both Capital Trust Realty and those held by third parties.

Capital Trust Realty provides sophisticated and detailed reports on portfolio performance. To monitor and evaluate your portfolio's performance and risks, you need sophisticated tools and expertise. Supported by leading-edge technology, our experienced performance and risk consultants not only analyse and aggregate data across your investments, they help you understand it, giving you a foundation for informed decision making.

Capital Trust Realty has served highly affluent families as fiduciary for their estates and trusts. As a result, Capital Trust Realty has developed deep expertise in fiduciary oversight. Capital Trust Realty offers a comprehensive range of investment advisory and manager-of-managers solutions to families, wealthy individuals and trustees.


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