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Private Banking

Our e-Banking system provides quick and secure access to your finances, wherever you are. You can track accounts, make payments and securities transactions, and analyse a wide range of information on your assets. Your client relationship manager will be happy to provide you with further information and set up your e-Banking access.

Capital Trust Realty has a long history of meeting the private banking needs of individuals and families, including expatriates, foreign nationals, people living abroad and those with dual citizenship. If your personal interests or financial needs extend beyond your own country, banking in certain jurisdictions can offer you some important benefits.  For example, you may wish to:

  • • Have a bank account in another country to easily pay expenses related to assets you own in that country,
  • • Diversify your funds across two or more currencies to better manage currency fluctuations,
  • • Give family members living in another country a secure and convenient way to access funds,
  • • Hold a bank account in a more stable region than where you live.

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